Filmmaker, physician, and international speaker Delaney Ruston, M.D. was the featured speaker at Grant Halliburton Foundation’s Beacon of Hope Community Luncheon. Dr. Ruston is a Stanford-trained primary care physician and the creator of documentaries such as Hidden Pictures about global mental health. The Beacon of Hope Luncheon raises vital funds for the Grant Halliburton Foundation, which through its work in North Texas schools and the community, aims to promote awareness and understanding of teen and young adult mental health and to prevent suicide. 


Vanita Halliburton, Grant Halliburton Foundation Co-founder and Executive Chairman; David B. Miller, The David B. Miller Family Foundation (Presenting Sponsor); Bob Banks.


Kelly Jameson, Ph.D., LPC-S and Becca Litt Bishop, MSSW, LPC, served as the 2019 Beacon of Hope Chairs.


Kevin Hall, Grant Halliburton Foundation President; Delaney Ruston, M.D., featured speaker; Vanita Halliburton; Alan Halliburton, Grant Halliburton Foundation Co-founder


Bob and Maloree Banks, Vanita Halliburton; Ginger Sager, 2019 Beacon of Hope Vice Chair; and Barb Farmer, Beacon of Hope Founder


2019 Beacon of Hope Honorary Chairs (left to right) Kwabena Blankson, M.D.; Susan Sugerman, M.D., MPH; Dana Rubin-Remer, M.D.; and Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells, M.D.